Shipping & Lost Mail Policies

Domestic Shipments (within US)

Generally, purchased goods are shipped via First Class mail with Delivery Confirmation. We guarantee to deliver the items you buy from us to the mail system, and will send you proof of that shipment for tracking or Delivery Confirmation. Once the package shows up in the USPS system via their tracking service, any claim that a package does not arrive should be handled through the USPS. In that unlikely event, we will provide as much information as we can to assist you and the Post Office with finding the lost mail. Be advised that First Class mail, while the most efficient way to ship packages across the country, sometimes experiences significant delays, and a package may arrive much later that the expected delivery date. Because of this mysterious delay that occurs randomly, we would advise you to wait 2 weeks from the recorded acceptance date before contacting the USPS with a lost mail claim. Many times a package deemed lost by the customer will arrive as soon as we ship a replacement item- hence, the 2 week window.

For any domestic shipment, a customer may request faster delivery or enhanced tracking by opting for Express Mail (guaranteed delivery time and fully tracked) by contacting us by phone in lieu of ordering online, as these shipments require personal attention to be packaged and guaranteed by a certain date.Priority Mail International provides a delivery time frame of 7-10 days and provides Delivery Confirmation, which theoretically reduces the chance of loss within the mail system, and provides recourse through the postal services for undelivered items to the customer.


All Shipments

Unfortunately, claims for 'lost items' by online buyers pose an expensive component of on-line transactions for sellers, since the lost mail claim is simply the buyer stating that "the package never arrived". The unfortunate part is that this type of fraudulent claims are exponentially on the rise. For this reason, we consider our responsibility fulfilled and a package delivered once it is logged into the USPS tracking, or in the case of First Class mail to Canada, by providing proof of mailing to Canada with a postmark from our Post Office on the mailing receipt.

 In any case of lost mail that we opt to replace a shipped item, we will file a lost/stolen mail report with the US Postal Inspector. Expect a call from them as they investigate this Federal Crime, and attempt to resolve the issue. We would strongly encourage you to check with anyone else in the home or business that may have accepted the mail and not given it to you, or check any area that may be concealing the mail that did arrive prior to contacting us about not receiving an item.

 In the case of lost mail and your timely need for a replacement item that we can ship, we may opt to accept a returned item for full credit of the original cost of the item if you order a replacement (at full price) and ultimately receive both for any reason. The cost of shipping both directions is the customers responsibility.



Ultimately, it is our desire and practice to have happy customers that enjoy the use of items that we make, but the reality of a wide range of consumers ethics (and lack of ethics) has forced this policy. Rest assured that we will work hard to insure your satisfaction with any product you order from us, and earn your repeat business and or referrals.

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